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I've been going through my friend/follow list and cleaning it out a bit, because my notifications were getting insanely cluttered. If I've removed you, no hard feelings. If we were friends enough that you noticed I removed you, let me know -- I'd probably forgotten that username was yours.

I shifted people into groups as well, so if you got a notif that I'd friended you when we were already friends, that'll be the reason.

MEANWHILE I REDISCOVERED SO MANY RAD ARTISTS. (This is what happens when you follow too many people. You forget who you've got on there.) So I'm going to feature some of the most absolutely rad, for your enjoyment. In no particular order:

:iconscebiqu: Scebiqu draws the coolest fantasy art and pin-ups. You should especially look at their pin-up goddesses, and this siren, which is one of my favourites:

Siren by Scebiqu Aphrodite color by Scebiqu Portrait of the dead countess by Scebiqu

:iconartema: Artema has brilliant cosplays and adorable paperdolls:

Backdraft by Artema Nouveau by Artema GET YOUR TICKETS NOW by Artema

:iconhibbary: hibbary is freaking amazing at dragons and animals:

Kigo by hibbary Icarus by hibbary Out of the Ether by hibbary

:iconjkatkina: jkatkina just draws. the best landscapes. I cannot even:

Rat City Razed by jkatkina Rat Bathhouse by jkatkina Rat City by jkatkina

:iconlebzpel: lebzpel makes me mad jealous with her character drawing skills. Also, dose blocky shadows:

:iconnovawuff: Novawuff brings all the griffins and dragons to the yard. And they're like, it's better than anything else ever:

night light by Novawuff cry by Novawuff happy, yet blue by Novawuff

:iconani-r: ani-r does intricate, often creepy, always beautiful landscapes, and also the Echo series, which is like Silent Hill in monochrome:

A quest for something by ani-r Untitled - commission by ani-r Echo 1-4 by ani-r

:iconpirateswoop: Pirateswoop has DOSE COSPLAYS, and also the best fanart. The best.

NOBODY EXPECTS by Pirateswoop The Emperor by Pirateswoop i wanna b ur lovr by Pirateswoop

:iconpolar-parasite: Polar-Parasite aka SOYBEANZUH aka creator of some of the coolest, trippiest art I've ever seen.

:thumb216542249: :thumb202107729: :thumb180800054:

:iconsoupandbutter: SoupAndButter does realistic Pokemon, and these are twice as realistic and a hundred times more wonderfully creepy than any you've seen before:

Typhlosion - Commission by SoupAndButter Jolteon by SoupAndButter Lickitung by SoupAndButter

:icontracyjb: tracyjb makes the webcomic Lackadaisy Cats, and if you haven't seen her art then your life is empty and meaningless. Even her sketchdumps are beautiful.

Lackadaisy Counterpart by tracyjb Lackadaisy Syncopators by tracyjb Lackadaisy Rigamarole by tracyjb

:iconnireth: nireth has successfully made me fall in love with her. ……I mean her photomanips.

Mature Content

pray to her anyway by nireth
Stuck in a Rut by nireth AT THE LIEBERRY by nireth
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Elliekin Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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